Tuesday, August 13, 2013


36x52-Mixed Media
In this painting I was exploring areas within photographs taken of the various cabbages I was using for my still life series. I sought to present areas as studies in light and shadow which create dynamic compositions and become a dynamic design and not readily recognizable as anything but organic form.
I really liked the way the spines of the cabbage gave the impression of aerial landscapes. The undulating edges of the leaves on the right created an opening which when casting its shadow reminded me of two birds joining their beaks together in unison and creating and endless oval below. I thought this a very powerful image so it was worthy of a painting. The dark blue green which recedes against the leaves edges reminds me of a far away vanishing field. I really liked the way this composition gives one a sense or height and flying. Thanks for viewing my blog. If you are interested in purchasing this painting please contact me.

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