Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Marlboro Madness

Marlboro Madness
3-12x12 triptych Mixed Media
This triptych, another in the blacktop series focuses on the debris left along the road by the people who pass by. When I think of a blacktop road I think about all that travel along its path, most never actually experiencing the road. Most are flying by on the way to someplace else.
I liked the parallels between the marlboro cigarette package I found along the road and the notion of what cigarette's do to one's body. The blacktop seems like the tar that is made by the lungs when one smokes and the package is flung so carelessly aside the way life is also flung aside when one chooses to smoke. No I did not wish to make an ad against smoking, just thought the parallels were kinda a fun play. Thanks for viewing my blog!

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