Monday, August 12, 2013

Ephemeral Life

Ephemeral Life
36x36 Mixed Media
This painting is another in my  master's' thesis work which explored the still life genre of rhopography which is considered still life's that explore insignificant or still life's whose subjects present items considered not of historical importance. My work focused on the lowly cabbage as historically important yet not readily recognized as thus. Or to put another way, the significance or things insignificant. I chose this because I felt it related to events in my own life.
 In this painting Ephemeral Life, I found that the dead parched cabbage though cast off and overlooked, is actually quite beautiful and metaphorical in it's representation of a life gone by. The subtle colors within the earthtone palette were very intriguing to me. All the soft pinks, purples and greens within the parched leaves I felt were colors not realized by a casual passerby. I wanted to call notice to beauty within what might otherwise be considered an uninteresting parched pile of foliage. Thanks for viewing my blog. If you are interested in purchasing this painting please contact the artist. Prints are available at

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