Monday, August 26, 2013

In The Shadows

In The Shadows
3-12x12 Mixed Media Triptych
This work is another in my triptych series exploring the insignificant existence of life below our feet on the blacktop road. This work is an abstract which contemplates a birds life and parallel existence in a world ruled by man. The silhouettes of birds in the abstract painting makes  one think of birds in the wild and their plight along the roads and highways. The shapes seem to appear out of the blacktop road.
These paintings were created from my walks and reflections thereof, on blacktop roads after moving from the city to the country. There was a great deal of sublife left by the inhabitants and human passerbys on the blacktop. Which made me think of the fragility of life and brevity all living things are faced with. There was also the richness of that heavy texture and deep charcoal tone of the road. These were all so new to a city girl such as myself that I felt they must be conveyed. Thanks for viewing my blog!

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