Monday, December 15, 2014

Okay, I really had fun doing the rooster. It was a commission for a Christmas present. I am realizing how much I enjoy doing birds and animals. Never thought it was something I excelled it. The rhythmic flow of feathers or fur whichever the case may be and the play of light upon the subject are fascinating. I am working with colored pencils for the first time and the idea of mixed media drawings are really calling my name. I'm very excited The Edom Gallery will be exhibiting some of my work and having a book signing during April In Edom Arts Fair. I'm going to get busy on that! Stay tuned to view the colored pencil portrait I'm working on.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I'm painting a rooster!

It has never been something I thought I would paint but a rooster was commissioned for me to paint so here goes... I started out with a black canvas, covered the drawn in rooster with frisket and began to add the background with palette knife and a series of muted greens and yellow ochres.
 I am pleased with the background so far and excited to paint the rooster. The background will have to dry for a day before I work on the subject. Fortunately, it's acrylic paint so it will only take a day. Check back in a day or so to see the completed painting of "Rowdy  the Rooster". Thanks for viewing my blog.